Sussex University

Al occasionally finds time to pass on some of his experience. He was asked by Sussex University to design and teach three courses on music production for their CCE project. The course modules were:
What Does A Producer Do
How Does A Producer Get Paid
Liasing With Record Companies
Working with Logic Audio and Pro Tools
Studio Microphone Technique
The History Of Midi
Mixing Desks And Effects
Mixing A Hit Record

Brighton Institute Of Modern Music

Al used to teach two mornings a week at BIMM, Brighton Institute Of Modern Music, but stopped due to time restraints on his main work. He was asked to join BIMM to teach second and third year degree students, ensemble performance which in laymans terms is 'How To Play Together And Perform Effectively'. The students are taught their respective crafts separately and then once a week Al put them on a stage with PA and lights to work on their musicality and stage presentation.
‘Mostly its a matter of getting them to really listen to each other in order to produce something great instead of just ok. Average just won't do it. The competition is too stiff".
He also worked with BIMM songwriters, using a house band, to work on song arrangement and presentation.