Al started working with bands and songs when he was fourteen years old. Firstly as a musician, touring and recording, then as monitor man for The Jam, and then producing BBC sessions for the John Peel show. He formed a relationship with the record label Vinyl Solution and produced 75% of their catalogue.

Then it was over to Monty Python’s London based studio, Redwood, where he won 22 awards for television and radio commercials he had engineered. He also worked on Monty Python’s ‘Meaning of Life’ movie, various sketches, musicals with both Tim Rice, and Eric Idle and lots of music sessions. At Redwood he met Hanoi Rocks and Derek B (UK’s first chart rapper) and this launched Al into what he had always wanted to do - full time record production.

Several years later he has had hits with Rap, House, Folk and Rock and is as happy behind a sequencer as he is with a live band in a studio. He has produced and mixed 4 platinum albums and 12 top twenty singles along the way. Voted Hip Hop producer of the year for his work with Gunshot, he received press accolades galore for his work with Depth Charge, and produced the pop/dance UK No2 ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ for Bizarre Inc. When producing, engineering and mixing the platinum, iconic album ‘Levelling the Land’ for the Levellers, he took folk music to a new market. He followed that up with the levellers ‘Zeitgeist’ album, which reached No 1 in the album charts.

Al has great ears and an ability to bring focus to a song structure and musical arrangement. His pop sensibility has benefited many artists; having twice been told by Radio 1 controllers that he has produced their favourite singles of the year. Recently Al has been in the studio with The Miserable Rich, Doll and the Kicks as well as other new talents Kiina and Maths Class.